GameCompass Studio

As GameCompass Studio, we developed 2 classic video-games clones (Pac-Man and Asteroids) for two important multinational companies that needed to use them in a series of public events organized as part of a pro-recycle marketing campaign.

As Creative Director and Executive Producer of the project, I was responsible of:

  • Maintaining the communications with the customers and understand their needs
  • Coordinating our own activities with the Agency responsible for planning and organization of the events
  • Finding the best solution in terms of game design, gameplay and art-style,
  • Leading the development team and constantly checking the production pipeline, in order to deliver both games in the expected time
  • Overseeing the QA process, in order to deliver the games polished and totally bug-free
  • Gameplay, levels, game progression and game mechanics are consistent with the original versions of both games:
    • Pac-Man: Arcade (Namco-Atari), 1980
    • Asteroids: Arcade (Atari), 1979


  • The art-style of Plasteroids is created from scratch, using original 2D assets and some copyright free asset.Both games are playable in single player mode, designed and optimized for arcade sticks controls and with a final High Score Ranking (best 10 players).